Liz & Neville

Mills goat history

Our goat-keeping history Neville and I actively kept goats from 1993 to 2006. Most of that time we had a small dairy herd of goats, having had a dairy built and were selling raw goats milk and cheese through two local health food shops. Earlier we just had pet goats. In about 2003 Charlie Bull at a show one day said on spur of moment to try Malibu our big BT milker in harness. She took to it that moment as though she had done it all her life. Likewise her daughter just like mum accepted harness without a qualm. Would that they were all like that.!!- Although over the years it has been fun getting our other goats in harness. Neville made a small milk cart which they pulled at first. Malibu and Martini quickly progressed as a pair pulling one of Angela’s big Victorian Wagonet. When both Neville and I became too ill me through a severe back problem, Neville through Cancer we decided it was time to give up our smallholding. The dairy goats went to a friend starting up in the Cotswolds and Malibu and Martini to Jean Bamford temporarily. Then Angela and Peter Rickerby offered to have them – that was great for as Neville became clear of Cancer, we were able to work our two again. Later Malibu died followed a year later by Martini. However Angela encouraged us to get some more and train them, Neville used a single Liverpool gig and I managed a pack goat at a slower walk. At the Three Counties Autumn shows we regularly helped with the Harness Goat Society stall, often winning a-prize for best stall. One year Neville made a model goat and Carriage , for the stand to illustrate how they are harnessed up. Sadly old age has crept up on us (2020). We still have three goats – Bramble, Hazel and Ivy , living with Angela but no longer have the strength to show. We still love them dearly though and visit often – and must thank Angela for the great care she gives them. We are still stalwart members of Harness goat Society and were Vice presidents of Worcestershire Goat Society until its demise.

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