A Day in the Life of a Pygmy Goat

Hello my name is Victoria,  I  live with my sister Red Rose and 6 other pygmy goats. The grey and white goat is called Hedd, he thinks he is in charge; he can be grumpy with us! He is a castrated male goat called a wether.

Last year Rosie and I were kids now that we are over a year old we are called goatlings. We will be goatlings until we are 3 years old, or until we have our own kids. Our day begins early in the morning when the human wakes us up and opens the doors of our sheds. We all get breakfast of some goat mix and some nice fresh hay- which is our favourite.

When we have finished our breakfast it is time for us to play. We are lucky because the humans put things into our field to run around, to jump on and climb up. We love to run and jump and climb.

After play we find more things to eat. Some humans think we eat grass like sheep …but we don’t really like that much, we like to browse; so we eat leaves twigs bark weeds infact we eat most things. I love to nibble coat toggles, buttons, trousers, sleeves or anything a little naughty if I can. Pandas the black and white goat favourite is headphone cables. He thinks it’s really funny to chew them. The human gets red faced and angry when he does that.

Once a week our human cleans out our sheds, Red Rose and I love to help out if we can.

We need to check our own bedrooms so they must all be checked for cleanliness.

We then start to look forward to tea time. Pygmy goats need a varied diet so most keepers feed a variety of foods including horse feed and goat mix. We should have fresh fruit and veg as well in our food.We also need access to water, which must be checked regularly by us in case the human forgets.

We are lucky goats though as we get chance to go out, sometimes we all go to shows and fetes so that more humans can see us. We all like it. Red Rose and I have even been to a theatre show! Some days we have proper shows. Here we are awarded prizes for being a beautiful goat and having the correct attitude with humans we are walking with.

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