Meet Our Members

A collection of people from all walks of life, and we all have one thing in common; we love goats!!!

Some of our members have goat dairy farms and make their living from these wonderful animals. Others have small herds where they milk for pleasure to make cheese and goats milk soap.

Others use their goats as a form of animal therapy, introducing them to care homes and allowing hands on contact with these gentle creatures. Goats Galore is one of the animal charities we support and one of our members has made over 150 coats for her goats from recycled materials.

Some members are retired now and some have never owned a goat but one thing is for sure…

We all love goats and EVERYONE is welcome!!!

Wendy & Martin

HGS Secretary

Wendy & Martin are from Oxford, they have a small herd of Golden Guernsey goats. Wendy makes delicious goats milk cheese. Read more about Wendy on the blog.

Sally & Derek

Chair and Vice Chair

Sally and Derek live in Somerset with their three goats Quinn, Branston and Denoso. Read more about their day trip to Eastbourne on our blog.

Email Sally and Derek:

Lin & Tony

HGS Member

Lin and Tony live in Devizes. They have a small herd of Golden Guernsey goats. Lin uses their milk for making soap along with some delicious pastries and cakes. Lin has been very successful showing her goats at different competitions around the south west of England.


Publicity Officer

Paul our Publicity officer with his goat Hedd at Machen Show Wales 2015. Paul has been very successful in his partnership with Hedd at regional and national shows. Paul did not breed Hedd but he moved into Paul’s herd when he was 2 years old. A few years later his previous owner attended a show, Paul offered her the opportunity to show him. “No” she said, “he never showed for me like he does for you, look at him, where ever you walk his eyes are following you”. Paul and his goats attend many agricultural shows and events now, educating people of pygmy goats. Hedd is rarely, if ever, on a lead, he follows Paul like a devoted dog. Sadly he is aging and Paul knows that each day is a bonus.


President of the Harness Goat Society

Jean is President of the HGS. Jean has shown various breeds of goat at shows up and down the country for many years. This is Jean with Emba her Golden Guernsey at Frampton Country Fair in 2018.


South West Area Representative

Marion has been a HGS member for many years. Her passion is making coats for goats. In 2018 Marion held an exhibition of the coats that she has made from recycled materials. She has made in excess of 150!!


HGS Member

George has a small farm where he keeps goats and chickens including Rodrigo pictured. George lives in Amenia New York.


HGS Member

Liz with her goats Bertie and Phil June 2019.


Magazine Secretary

Angela has been a member since 1987. Angela lives in Worcester along with her goats, sheep, dogs and various other animals.


Wales Area Representative

Debra lives in Wales with her therapy goats. Read more about Debra on the blog.


HGS Member

Jane is one of the longest serving members of the Harness Goat Society joining back in 1988. Read about Jane on the blog.


South and southeast England Representative

Pat is pictured having a ride in the cart at Meals on Wheels at Fordingbridge.

Derek & Janet

Registration Secretary

Derek lives in Somerset. He is our registration secretary and records any new harness goats to our register.


HGS Member

Barbara with her goats Sampson and Julian. Read more about them on the blog Herd name Shamba.

Anna & Anne

Members & Supporters of the Society

Anna is a very talented artist who specialises in pastel portraits. See more of her animal portraits on the blog & find out how to order a portrait on the merchandise page.

Celia & Alan


Celia and Alan live in Dorset with their milking herd.


HGS Member

Diane has been a member of the HGS for many years supporting the society by taking her goats out and about to various shows over the years.

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