Recent news & updates

A tribute to HRH Prince Philip by Marion White in Devon. Marion has spent the last decade making coats for her goats.

You can view more of her creations on the gallery page.

George & his goat Rodrigo were nominated for goat of the month, March 2021.

Read more about George on the members page.

Kids arriving soon!!

Lin Macrae & her golden gurnsey girls GiGi and Jeanie are due to kid at the beginning of April. read more about Lin & her goats on the meet the members page & check in regularly to see when the kids arrive

GiGi on the right ….. Jeanie on the left

Bryr and her goat UBER

A warm welcome to Bryr and her family in Australia. Bryr is one of our newest members & supports a charity called in Tanzania. We are looking forward to all the updates as Bryr starts her journey training Uber.

News from Lin Macrae… Meet the new arrivals!

These beautiful Golden Gurnsey goats arrived just a few days ago. Both Gigi and Jeanie gave birth to twins. Both nannies and each set of twins are doing well.

Alex Rubira shares some of the impressive cheeses & soaps which he makes on his small holding.

Goat milk soaps Manchago Crotin

Kids available May 2021

Alex has bred some wonderful kids this spring time. Anglo Nubians and English kids are available for sale. Please contact us so we can pass on your details if you are interested.