Recent news & updates

Recently Paul joined the crowds at The Royal Bath and West show June 2022


Members of the HGS travel to Wassiac just outside of New York city. Helping to train Rodrigo & give his owner George some useful tips. Read more about our trip on the events page.

There are lots of kids being born this spring time at our members homes. Some hopefully will make it as harness goats, well eventually!

George has kids in America, Alex in Southampton & Lin in Wiltshire. If you are looking for a kid goat maybe as a harness goat why not contact us for details.

Our most recent addition to the Society is Baji.

Baji is an Anglo Nubian male goat destined for a great future. See him on our meet the goat page.

Paul attended the Bath and West show June 2022 with several of his Pygmy goats. Billy started his training… the general public loved him!

Debbie & Shaun attended their first ever show with Dotty & Elsa at Sherborne castle country fair. They were joined by Lin & Tony with their goats Derry & Kookie. Derry did a fabulous job showing off his harness skills and giving rides to some lucky children during the day.

Derry & Kookie also attended Watchfield Fete in Oxfordshire promoting the harness goat Society. Well done you two!!

More up and coming events to follow are the Mid Devon show in Tiverton. The Midsomerset show in Shepton Mallet & Frampton on Severn country fair later in the year.

Some of the young goats will be attending fetes in and around Somerset, let us know if you see us out and about.

Kenny the goat lives in Oxfordshire with his owner Linda.

Linda took him to her local village event on Saturday. They sold kisses with Kenny to raise funds for the Ukrainian appeal. Kenny raised £88!!! Well-done Kenny that is pretty amazing for your first trip out as a harness goat.

A tribute to HRH Prince Philip by Marion White in Devon. Marion has spent the last decade making coats for her goats.

You can view more of her creations on the gallery page.

George & his goat Rodrigo were nominated for goat of the month, March 2021.

Read more about George on the members page.

Kids arriving soon!!

Lin Macrae & her golden gurnsey girls GiGi and Jeanie are due to kid at the beginning of April. read more about Lin & her goats on the meet the members page & check in regularly to see when the kids arrive

GiGi on the right ….. Jeanie on the left

Bryr and her goat UBER

A warm welcome to Bryr and her family in Australia. Bryr is one of our newest members & supports a charity called in Tanzania. We are looking forward to all the updates as Bryr starts her journey training Uber.

News from Lin Macrae… Meet the new arrivals!

These beautiful Golden Gurnsey goats arrived just a few days ago. Both Gigi and Jeanie gave birth to twins. Both nannies and each set of twins are doing well.

Alex Rubira shares some of the impressive cheeses & soaps which he makes on his small holding.

Goat milk soaps Manchago Crotin

Kids available May 2021

Alex has bred some wonderful kids this spring time. Anglo Nubians and English kids are available for sale. Please contact us so we can pass on your details if you are interested.

Come and meet the three Omegos at Tiverton this coming Saturday. Mid Devon Show gates open at 9am.

Branston Quinn and Denoso will be attending. Their first show outing in over 18 months.

A great day was had by all at the Mid Devon show. Ozo made his debut pulling a cart for the first time at a show & managed to put a smile on many childrens faces giving rides around the show ring.

Many Thanks to Alan for inviting us to attend and for all his support on the day. We very much look forward to attending again in 2022!

Look out for us at up and coming shows. Mid Somerset Show in Shepton Mallet on 15th August 2021.

Stanton Drew on 4th September

Frampton on Severn 12th September Check out their web page for details

Pygmy goats at The Bath and West Show ground check out their web page for details.

Lowsonford and Rowington village Fete earlier this year with Saxon & Viking who belong to Michelle Tomlin.

Michelle is making excellent progress with training the boys as a pair in Harness. Keep checking in to follow their progress.

Look how Lin & Tony Macrae’s Golden Gurnsey Goatlings have grown!!

Here at the Mid Somerset show for the first time. Each kid wearing its own bespoke backpack, excellent handywork by Tony & decorated by Lin

Walk, Feed and pet the Goats at Friends Farm, Swanwick, Hampshire.

Find us on airbnb experiences to book your place for an hour and a half session with our herd of friendly goats. You will be able to feed and groom them, learn a little bit about goat keeping and take them on a walk. Free tea and coffee included.This experience is ideal for families and groups of up to eight people.

Rupert in his harness for the first time. He belongs to Nicola Jowett from Lincolnshire. Nicola applied for a walking Licence, she is now able to take Rupert out and about for his exercise, to meet & greet people ready for when he becomes a harness goat for real. Keep an eye out for Rupert & Nicola, you may see them out on walks if you live in this area.

Let us know if you do!!!!

Merry Christmas from All at The Harness Goat Society

Happy New Year to all our Harness Goat Society members past and present near and far. Everything crossed for a HAPPY HEALTHY 2022


Currently there are kids being born at

Please make contact directly with Norton and Yarrow & ask for Linda Vincent who will be more than happy to guide you through selection.