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A Trip to Eastbourne

An email arrived from Wendy Grantham asking if we would be interested in attending an event in Eastbourne. Edward Dickinson was launching a book called Eastbourne in Detail. I was curious so I made contact with Edward the publisher. The occasion was to be held at the Grand hotel on Eastbourne promenade at the end of September. On the promenade there is an original licence plate.

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Wendy wins

Both goats were entered into the Golden Gurnsey Club competition. Wendy was thrilled when notice came through to say she had won both first & second places with her girls. She was thrilled. Both Dora & Bonnie have kidded during their lifetime with Wendy & Martin. Dora has produced twin girls and a single girl […]

Why do goats have horizontal pupils?

Have you ever wondered why the pupils in goat’s eyes are horizontal? I have always been fascinated by the shape of goat’s eyes. One of the most common questions we get asked by the general public at shows is why are goat eyes so strange? So I decided to share some of the reasons just […]

A Day in the Life of a Pygmy Goat

Hello my name is Victoria,  I  live with my sister Red Rose and 6 other pygmy goats. The grey and white goat is called Hedd, he thinks he is in charge; he can be grumpy with us! He is a castrated male goat called a wether. Last year Rosie and I were kids now that […]

Liz & Neville

Mills goat history Our goat-keeping history Neville and I actively kept goats from 1993 to 2006. Most of that time we had a small dairy herd of goats, having had a dairy built and were selling raw goats milk and cheese through two local health food shops. Earlier we just had pet goats. In about […]


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