Why do goats have horizontal pupils?

Have you ever wondered why the pupils in goat’s eyes are horizontal?

I have always been fascinated by the shape of goat’s eyes. One of the most common questions we get asked by the general public at shows is why are goat eyes so strange?

So I decided to share some of the reasons just in case you get asked the same question.

It is all about survival: Because goats are grazing animals they have to be constantly alert in the event of an attack. Amazingly they are able to swivel their eyes 50 degrees. They can look up without moving their heads. This enables them to see approaching danger whilst still eating.

Sideways eyes (eyes situated on the side of the head not the front) provide much wider vision enabling them to have 280 degree vision around their bodies and the flat pupils do not absorb as much sunlight meaning the goat is not blinded by the sun. They are not colour blind and can see Blue green violet yellow and orange.

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