Lin & her Golden Gurnseys

I have always wanted goats, having listened to my mum telling me about her childhood, when she had a large white goat which took her to school each day in a cart. Tony, my husband, thought goats were a lot of trouble and refused to have any. My aunt left me a small legacy and I decided to ignore his arguments. After a lot of research I bought two pregnant golden Gurnsey goatlings from Heather Pink in Kent. Pinkybaa Caramel (Melly) and Fudge. Within a month tony was asking why I had left it so long before getting goats!! He was as smitten as I.
Melly had twins, Gig, a beautiful kid who was only beaten once into second place in the show ring as a kid and goatlings. Derry her other kid was destined to be sold as a pet but he grew on us and we decided to try and train him to pull a carts he was quite big for a golden Gurnsey and strong.
Derry proved a natural when I started training him, but we had to stop training when he developed a cough which lasted for a year. With a lot of help from Sally last year we made his be but in the show ring pulling one of sally’s carts. This has given him a lot of confidence, he does enjoy showing off.
This led us to try and breed a bigger goat without losing the GG gentleness and milking ability. Melly was the ideal goat to use as she is large and a good milker,being awarded her R117 for producing 1179 litres in a year. She was mated with a British Gurnsey in the hope that we would get at least one large male kid to train to a cart.
So we come round to her kidding. Out popped one girl, kitty-wake (kitti), a few minutes later Kiwi arrived, another girl, quickly followed by a third kookaburra (kookie) this was quite a surprise, three British Gurnsey girls and no boys!
At the moment we are just enjoying them, and who knows, one of them may be ideal to pull a cart.

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